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Ponds and Waterfall

Ponds and Waterfall Adding water features to your property is a great way to make use of any available space outdoors. They consist of various elements, each providing you with amazing benefits. Ponds and waterfalls, for example, are ideal additions if you want something that provides tranquility and relaxation. Water has always been a powerful natural element that eases the mind and body just by how it looks, flows, and trickles. Aside from the obvious beauty it provides to your outdoors, it also helps drain out unwanted noise from your surroundings.

However, adding ponds and waterfalls in your property is not an easy project. They must be designed and built by an experienced contractor. These water features must be built in strategic areas and must complement with other landscape elements. At Eclipse Landscape Services, you will get these benefits because we have years of experience building outstanding water features for home and business property owners in the Las Vegas Valley.

Ponds: Bringing Nature Closer to your Home

You can choose from a wide variety of ponds that our company can build, depending on your needs and preferences:

  • Rock Pond - This type is characterized mainly by the rocks used to outline the actual pond. The rocks provide a more natural look to the pond.
  • Garden Pond - This can be incorporated with various types of wildlife or aquatic animals, other types of water features, as well as lush greenery.
  • Fish/Koi Pond - As the name suggests, this is designed to cater to the health and well-being of fishes, like goldfish or koi. Think of it as an outdoor aquarium in a more natural setting.
  • Storm Water Pond - Aside from adding to the aesthetic beauty of a landscape, storm water ponds also help prevent erosion and flooding by storing water temporarily during the rainy season, while it slowly passes through a drain or used in other areas in the landscape.

Enhancing a Landscape's Appeal with Waterfalls

Ponds and Waterfall Regardless of the design, waterfalls are always regarded as appealing additions to any part of your outdoor space. There are several designs when it comes to these water features. The most common is a waterfall that is built with a pond under it. Adding a waterfall to your swimming pool is also a great idea. If you prefer something contemporary, wall waterfalls are recommended. These are commonly built near an entrance or in smaller spaces.

If you want a safer option, choose pondless waterfalls. These are recommended for families with kids to ensure their safety. The water, instead of falling into a pond, falls into gravel or a flat bed of small rocks. Underneath the rocks is a drain where the water is recycled back to the waterfall.

Why Choose Us for Ponds and Waterfalls Installation

When it comes to adding ponds and waterfalls to your Las Vegas property, Eclipse Landscape Services is the name you can trust. We have already completed numerous water feature projects in Southern Nevada, from simple garden ponds to complex waterfalls with streams. We can also design and build other types of water features of your choice.

Make your outdoor experience a more pleasant and relaxing one by adding various water features in your property. For more information, give us a call today.

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